Tottel sig. Miiv

[sig. Miiv]

But when the rage doth leade them from the right: That loking backward, Uertue they may se, Euen as she is, so goodly fayre and bright. (110) And whilst they claspe their lustes in armes a crosse: Graunt them good Lord, as thou maist of thy might, To freat inwarde, for losyng such a losse.

Of the Courtiers life written
to Ihon Poins. +

M Yne owne Ihon Poins: sins ye delite to know The causes why that homeward I me draw, And fle the prease of courtes, where so they go: Rather then to liue thrall vnder the awe, (5) Of lordly lokes, wrapped within my cloke, +To will and lust learning to set a law: It is not that because I scorne or mocke The power of them: whom fortune here hath lent Charge ouer vs, of ryght to strike the stroke. (10) But true it is that I haue alwayes ment Lesse to esteme them, then the common sort Of outward thinges: that iudge in their entent, without regarde, what inward doth resort. +I graunt, sometime of glory that the fire (15) Doth touch my hart. Me list not to report Blame by honour, and honour to desire. +But how may I this honour now attaine? That can not dye the colour blacke a lier. +My Poyns, I can not frame my time to fayn: (20) To cloke the truth, for praise without desert, Of them that list all vice for to retaine. I can not honour them, that set their partWith Uenus , and Bacchus , all their life long: Nor holde my peace of them, although I smart. (25) I can not crouch nor knele to such a wrong: To worship them like God on earth alone: That areas wolues these sely lambes among. +I can not with my wordes complaine and mone, And suffer nought: nor smart without complaynt: (30) Nor turne the word that from my mouth is gone, +I can not speake and loke like as a saint: Use wiles for wit, + and make disceyt a pleasure: