First line index: 1580 edition

Paradise of Dainty Devises
Title and First-line Index: STC7518, 3rd edition 1580

Epistle: ‘To the Right Honorable Sir Henry Compton, Knight’

1. EV31358: ‘Translation of the Blessed Saint Bernard’s Verse, The’, ‘Why doth each state apply itself to worldly praise’

2. EV3608: ‘Our Pleasures are Vanities’, ‘Behold the blast which blows the blossoms from the tree’

3. EV1893: ‘Who waiteth on this wavering world, and vieweth each estate. By trial taught shall learn it best, to live in simple rate’, ‘Amid the vale the slender shrub, is hid from all mishap’

4. EV16237: ‘The Perfect Trial of a Faithful Friend’, ‘Not stayed in state but feeble stay’

5. EV30290: ‘Being Asked the Occasion of His White Head He Answereth Thus’, ‘Where seething sighs and sorrow sobs’

6. EV3762: ‘Beware of Had I Wist’, ‘Beware of had I wist, whose fine brings care and smart’

7. EV29646: ‘M. Edward’s MAY’, ‘When MAY is in his prime then MAY each heart rejoice’

8. EV12501: ‘Fair Words Make Fools Fain’, ‘In youthful years when first my young desires began’

9. EV28633: ‘In His Extreme Sickness’, ‘What grieves my bones and makes my body faint’

10. EV7240: ‘For Christmas Day. Rejoice rejoice with heart and voice, In Christ’s birth this day rejoice’, ‘From Virgin’s womb this day did spring’

11. EV1603: ‘For Easter Day’, ‘All mortal men this day rejoice, in Christ that you redeemed hath’

12. EV4813: ‘For Whitsunday’, ‘Come Holy Ghost eternal God and ease the woeful grief’

13. EV21312: ‘No Pleasure without Some Pain’, ‘Sweet were the joys that both might like and last’

14. EV15135: ‘Who Minds to Bring His Ship to Happy Shore Must Care to Know the Laws of Wisdom’s Lore’, ‘My friend if thou will credit me in aught’

15. EV10781: ‘Of the Unconstant Stay of Fortune’s Gifts’, ‘If fortune be thy stay thy state is very tickle’

16. EV12076: ‘Promise Is Debt’, ‘In my accompt the promise that is vowed’

17. EV24811: ‘No Words but Deeds’, ‘The wrong is great the pain above my power’

18. EV22196: ‘He Desireth Exchange of Life’, ‘The day delayed of that I most do wish’

19. EV29525: ‘Of the Instability of Youth’, ‘When I look back and in myself behold’

20. EV4321: ‘Most Happy Is That State Alone Where Words and Deeds Agree in One’, ‘By painted words the silly simple man’

21. EV23809: ‘Who Will Aspire to Dignity by Learning Must Advanced Be’, ‘The poor that live in needy rate, by learning do great riches gain’

22. EV24341: ‘Man’s Flitting Life Finds Surest Stay Where Sacred Virtue Beareth Sway’, ‘The sturdy rock for all his strength, by raging seas is rent in twain’

23. EV20316: ‘Nothing Is Comparable unto a Faithful Friend’, ‘Sith this is our time of friendship is so scant’

24. EV26898: ‘Remember Thy End’, ‘To be as wise as Cato was, or rich as Cresus in his life’

25. EV31305: ‘He Persuadeth His Friend from the Fond Affects of Love’, ‘Why art thou bound and mayst go free, shall reason yield to raging will’

26. EV24048: ‘Wanting His Desire He Complaineth’, ‘The sailing ships with joy at length do touch the long-desired port’

27. EV11892: ‘Try before You Trust’, ‘In friends are found a heap of doubts that double dealing use’

28. EV11173: ‘A Lady Forsaken Complaineth’, ‘If pleasure be in painfulness in pleasures doth my body rest’

29. EV6936: ‘Finding Worldly Joys but Vanities He Wisheth Death’, ‘Forlorn in filthy froward fate wherein a thousand cares I find’

30. EV10155: ‘A reply to M. Edwards MAY’, ‘I read a maying rhyme of late delighted much my ear’

31. EV12500: ‘Having Married a Worthy Lady and Taken Away by Death He Complaineth His Mishap’, ‘In youth when I at large did lead my life in lusty liberty’

32. EV14771: ‘A Worthy Ditty Sung Before the Queen’s Majesty at Bristol’, ‘Mistrust not troth that truly means for every jealous freak’

33. EV32347: An Epitaph Upon the Death of Sir Edward Saunders. Knight, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer’, ‘You muses wear your mourning weeds, strike on the fatal drum’

34. EV7038: ‘His Good Name Being Blemished He Bewaileth’, ‘Framed in the front of folorn hope, past all recovery’

35. EV18975: ‘Of Fortune’s Power’, ‘Polycrates whose passing hap, caused him to lose his fate’

36. EV31207: ‘Though Triumph after Bloody Wars the Greatest Brags Do Bear. Yet Triumph of a Conquered Mind, the Crown of Fame Shall Wear’, ‘Whoso doth mark the careless life of these unhappy days’

37. EV31276: ‘Of Perfect Wisdom’, ‘Whoso will be accompted wise and truly claim the same’

38. EV32162: ‘A Friendly Admonition’, ‘Ye stately wights that live in quiet rest’

39. EV11856: ‘Sundry Men Sundry Affects’, ‘In every wight some sundry sort of pleasure I do find’

40. EV950: ‘Of a Friend and Flatterer’, A trusty friend is rare to find, a fawning foe may soon be got’

41. EV27230: ‘Of Sufferance Cometh Ease’, ‘To seem for to revenge each wrong in hasty wise’

42. EV1843: ‘All Things Are Vain’, ‘Although the purple morning brags in brightness of the sun’

43. EV9519: ‘A Virtuous Gentlewoman in the Praise of Her Love’, ‘I am a virgin fair and free and freely do rejoice’

44. EV10789: ‘Oppressed with Sorrow He Wisheth Death’, ‘If fortune may enforce the careful heart to cry’

45. EV10286: ‘Where Reason Makes Request There Wisdom Ought Supply With Friendly Answer Pressed to Grant or Else Deny’, ‘I sigh, why [so] for sorrow of her smart’

46. EV22383: ‘What Joy to a Contented Mind’, ‘The faith that fails must needs be thought untrue’

47. EV5878: ‘Donec Eris Felix Multos Numerabis Amicos, Nullus Ad Missus Ibit Amicus Opes’, ‘Even as the raven the crow and greedy kite’

48. EV11914: ‘Amantium Irae Amoris Redintegration Est’, ‘In going to my naked bed as on that would have slept’

49. EV23166: ‘Think to Die’, The life is long which loathsomely doth last’

50. EV11429: ‘If Thou Desire to Live in Quiet Rest, Give Ear and See But Say the Best’, ‘If thou: delight in quietness of life’

51. EV31420: ‘Being Forsaken of His Friend He Complaineth’, ‘Why should I longer long to live’

52. EV31243: ‘Prudence. The History of Damocles and Dionysius’, ‘Whoso is set in princely throne and craveth rule to bear’

53. EV5612: ‘Fortitude. A Young Man of Egypt and Valerian’, ‘Each one deserves great praise to have, but yet not like I think’

54. EV13487: ‘Justice. Zaleucus and His Son’, ‘Let rulers make most perfect laws to rule both great and small’

55. EV11111: ‘Temperance. Spurina and the Roman Ladies’, ‘If nature bear thee so great love, that she in thee have beauty plast’

56. EV11292: ‘A Bunch of Herbs and Flowers’, ‘If that each flower, the gods have framed, are shaped by sacred skill’

57. EV30214: ‘In Commendation of Music’, ‘Where griping grief the heart would wound & doleful dumps the mind oppress’

58. EV15094: ‘A Dialogue Between the Author and His Eye. Auctour’, ‘My eye why didst thou light on that, which was not thine’

59. EV22090: ‘Finding No Joy He Desired Death’, ‘The Coney in his cave the ferret doth annoy’

60. EV11970: ‘Hope Well and Have Well’, ‘In hope the shipman hoisteth sail in hope of passage good’

61. EV23531: ‘He Requesteth Some Friendly Comfort Affirming His Constancy’, ‘The mountains high whose lofty tops, doth meet the haughty sky’

62. EV19971: ‘He Complaineth His Mishap’, ‘Shall rigor reign where youth hath run, shall fancy now forsake’

63. EV10541: ‘No Foe to a Flatterer’, ‘I would it were not as I think. I would it were not so’

64. EV24267: ‘His Comparison of Love’, ‘The spider with great skill, doth travail day by day’

65. EV9830: ‘A Lover’s Joy’, ‘I have no joy, but dream joy, and joy to think on joy’

66. EV24347: ‘Evil To Him That Evil Thinketh’, ‘The subtle slyly sleights, that worldly men do work’

67. EV31761: ‘He assureth his constancy’, ‘With painted speech I list not prove my cunning for to try’

68. EV22473: ‘Complaining His Mishap to His Friend, He Complaineth Wittily’, ‘The fire shall freeze, the frost shall fry the frozen mountains high’

69. EV13645: ‘No Pains Comparable to His Attempt’, ‘Like as the doleful Dove, delights alone to be’

70. EV1366: ‘He Repenteth His Folly’, ‘Alack when I look back, upon my youth that’s past’

71. EV9280: ‘No Pleasure without Some Pain’, ‘How can the tree but waste, and wither away’

72. EV11780: ‘The Fruit of Feigned Friends’, ‘In choice of friends what hap had I to choose one of Circes kind’

73. EV19955: ‘A Dialogue Between a Gentleman and His Love’, ‘Shall I no way win you to grant my desire’

74. EV28551: ‘Exclaiming Upon His Unkind Love, His Friend Replieth Wittily’, ‘M: What death may be compared to love?’

75. ‘The Complaint of a Lover, Wearing Black and Tawny’, ‘A crown of bays shall that man wear’

76. EV12150: ‘Finding No Relief He Complaineth Thus’, ‘In quest of my relief I find distress’

77. EV14735: Written Upon the Death of His Especial Good Friend Major John Barnaby, Who Departed This Life at Bensted in the County of Southampton 25. January. 1579. Aetatis.78.’, ‘Mine own good father that art gone thine ears are stopt in clay’

78. EV24528: ‘A Lover Rejecteth Complaineth’, The trickling tears that falls along my cheeks’

79. EV9569: ‘Not Attaining to His Desire, He Complaineth’, ‘I am not as seem to be, when I smile, I am not glad’

80. ‘His Mind Not Quietly Settled He Writeth Thus’, ‘Even as the wax doth melteth, or dew consume away’

81. EV12018: ‘No Joy Comparable to a Quiet Mind’, ‘In loathsome race pursued by slippery life’

82. ‘A Complaint’, ‘If Cressed in her gradding mood’

83. ‘A reply’, ‘No gadding mood, but forced strife’

84. EV12178: ‘That Love is Requited by Disdain’, ‘In search of things that secret are, my mated muse began’

85. EV12450: ‘Of a Contented State’, ‘In wealth we see some wealthy men, abound in wealth most wealthy,

86. EV10804: ‘Being Disdained He Complaineth’, ‘If friendless faith if guiltless thought may shield’

87. EV22961: ‘Of the Mean Estate’, ‘The higher that the Cedar tree, under the heavens do grow’

88. EV29174: ‘Of a Contented Mind’, ‘When all is done and said, in the end thus shall you find’

89. EV26951: ‘Try before You Trust’, ‘To counsel my estate, abandoned to the spoil’

90. EV13659: ‘He Renounceth All the Affects of Love’, ‘Like as the hart that lifteth up his ears’

91. EV29491: ‘Bethinking Himself of His End, Writeth Thus’, ‘When I behold the baier, my last and posting horse’

92. EV5744: ‘Being in Love He Complaineth’, ‘Enforced by love and fear, to please and not offend’

93. EV12286: ‘Being in Trouble He Writeth Thus’, ‘In terror’s trap with thraldom thrust’

94. EV21911: ‘Being Troubled in Mind He Writeth as Followeth’, ‘The bitter sweet that strains my yielded heart’

95. EV11454: ‘Look or You Leap’, ‘If thou in surety safe wilt sit’

96. EV28729: ‘A Description of the World’, ‘What is this world, a net to snare the soul’

97. ‘Being in Love He Complaineth’, ‘My haught desire too high that seeketh rest’

98. EV17058: ‘The Complaint of a Sinner’, ‘O heavenly God O Father dear, cast down thy tender eye’

99. EV10151: ‘The Fruit That Springs from Wilful Wits, is Ruth and Ruin’s Rage: And Sure What Heedless Youth Commits, Repentance Rues in Age’, ‘I rage in restless ruth and ruins rule my days’

100. ‘AN Epitaph Upon the Death of Sir William Drury Knight, Lord Justice and Governor of Ireland, Deceased at Waterford the Third of October. An. Do. 1579’, ‘In place where wants Apollo with his lute’

Deleted from 1580 edition

101. ‘A Lover Disdained Complaineth’, If ever man had love too dearly bought’

102. ‘Being in Love He Complaineth’, ‘If care or skill could conquer vain desire’

103. ‘Though Fortune Have Set Thee on High Remember Yet That Thou Shalt Die’, ‘To die Dame Nature did man frame’

Deleted from 1578 edition

104. ‘Time Gives Experience’, ‘We read what pains the powers divine’

105. ‘Being Trapped in Love He Complaineth’, ‘The hidden woes that swelleth in my heart’

106. Untitled, ‘I would to God I were Acteon that Diana did disguise’

107. ‘Now Mortal Man Behold and See This World Is but a Vanity’, ‘Who shall profoundly weigh or scan the assured state of man’

108. [‘Beware of Sirens’], ‘When sage Ulysses sailed by’

109. ‘He Repenteth His Folly’, ‘When first mine eyes did view and mark thy beauty fair for to behold’

110. ‘Try and Then Trust’, ‘The Saint I serve and have besought full oft’

111. ‘The Judgment of Desire’, ‘The lively lark did stretch her wing’

112. ‘He Complaineth Thus’, ‘Lo here the man that must of love complain’

113. ‘Being in Love he Complaineth’, ‘What doom is this I fain would know’

114. ‘Of the Mighty Power of Love’, ‘My meaning is to work what wonders love hath wroght’

115. ‘Being in Sorrow He Complaineth’, ‘Mistrust misdeems amiss whereby displeasure grows’

116. ‘He Bewaileth His Mishap’, ‘In wretched state alas I rue my life’