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(35) As I can not forget: vntill deuouring death Shal leaue to mee a senceles goast: and rid my longer breath, Or at the least that thou: doo graunt mee some releefe To ease the greedy gripes I feele, and end my great mischeefe As due to mee by right, I can no mercy craue, (40) Thou hast the power to graunt mee life: refuse not for to saue. Put to thy helping hand, to salue the wounded sore, Though thou refuse it for my sake: yet make thine honour more, Too cruell were the facte: if thou shouldst seeke to kill Thy faythful freend that loues thee so: and doth demaund no ill. (45) Thy heauenly shape I saw: thy passing bewty bright, Enforst mee to assay the bayt: where now my bane I bight+I nought repent my loue: nor yet forthinke my facte, The Gods I know were all agreed: and secretly compacte. To frame a worke of prayse: to show their power deuine (50) By good aduice this on the earth: aboue the rest to shine. Whose perfecte shape is such: as Cupid feares his fall, And euery wight that hath her seene, I say (not one) but all With one consent they cry: lo here dame Venus ayer, Not Danae nor shee dame Lede : was euer halfe so faire. (55) Though Princes sue for grace: and ech one do thee woo, Mislyke not this my meane estate: wherwith I can nought doo, As highest seates wee see: be subiect to most winde, +So base and poore estates we know, be hateful to the minde. The happy meane is mine: which I do haply holde, (60) Thy honor is to yeeld for loue: and not for heape of golde. If euer thou hast felte: the bitter panges that stinges A louers brest: or knowest the cares, that Cupid on vs flinges. Then pitty my request: and wayle my wofull case, Whose life to death with hasty wheeles: doo toumble on apace. (65) Vouchsafe to ease the paine: that loue on mee doth whelme, Let not thy freend to shipwracke go: sith thou doost hold his helme. Who yeldeth all hee hath: as subiect to thy will, If thou commaund hee doth obey, and all thy heastes fulfill. But if thou call to minde: when I did part thee fro, (70) What was the cause of my exile: and why I did forgo