Tottel sig. Ziv

[sig. Ziv]

Yet weke though water be, It holowith hardest flint: By proofe wherof we see, (10) Time geues the greatest dint.

The beginning of the epistle of Pene-
lope to Vlisles, made in-
to verse. +

O Lingring make Ulisses dere, thy wife lo sendes to thee, Her driry plaint write not againe, but come thy selfe to me. Our hatefull scourge that womans foe proud Troy now is fordonWe bye it derer, though Priam slaine, and all his kingdome won. (5) O that the raging surges great that lechers + bane had wrought, When first with ship he forowed seas, and Lacedemon sought, In desert bed my shiuering coarse then shold not haue sought rest, Nor take in griefe the cherefull sunne so slowly fall to west. And whiles I cast long running nightes, how best I might begile, (10) No distaff + should my widowish hand haue weary made the while. When dread I not more daungers great then are befall in dede: Loue is a carefull thing God wot, and passing full of drede.

The louer asketh pardon of his passed
follie in loue. +

Y Ou that in play peruse my plaint, and reade in rime the smart, Which in my youth with sighes full cold I harbourd in my hart Know ye that loue in that fraile age draue me to that distresse, when I was halfe an other man, then I am now to gesse. (5) Then for this worke of wauering words where I now rage now rewTost in the toyes of troublous loue, as care or comfort grew. I trust with you that loues affaires by proofe haue put in vre: +Not onely pardon in my plaint, but pitie to procure. For now I wot that in the world a wonder haue I be, (10) And where to long loue made me blinde, to late shame makes mese. Thus of my fault shame is the fruite, and for my youth thus past, Repentance is my recompence, and this I learne at last. Looke what the world hath most in price, as sure it is to kepe. As is the dreame which fansie driues, while sence and reason slepe.