Tottel sig. Yiir

[sig. Yiir]

Thus euerything that nature wroughtWithin it selfe his hurt doth beare: (15) No outward harme nede to be sought, Where enemies be within so neare,

Of the choise of a wife. +

T He flickering flame that flieth from eare to eare, And ay her strength encreaseth with her flight, Geues first the cause why men to heare delight +Of those whom she doth note for beautie bright, (5) And with this fame that fleeth on so fast, Fansy doth hye when reason makes no hast. And yet not so content they wishe to see And therby know if fame haue saide aright, More trusting to the trial of their eye, (10) Then to the brute that goes of any weight, Wise in that point that lightly will not leue, Unwise to se that may them after greue. Who knoweth not how sight may loue allure, And kindle in the hart a hot desire: (15) The eye to worke that same could not procure, Of greater cause there commeth hotter fire, For ere he wete himselfe he feleth warme The fame and eye the causers of his harme. Let fame not make her knowen whom I shall know, (20) For yet mine eye therin to be my guyde: Suffiseth me that vertue in her grow, Whose simple life her fathers walles do hide, Content with this I leaue the rest to go, And in such choise shall stande my welth and wo. +

Description of an vngodly
worde. +

W Ho loues to liue in peace, and marketh euery change, shall here such newes from time to time, as seme right wondrous strange Such fraud in frendly lokes, such frendship all for game: Such cloked wrath in hatefull harts, which worldly men retaine. (5) Such fayned flattring faith, amongs both hye and low: