Tottel sig. Yiiiv

[sig. Yiiiv]

Neuer to dye, but dieng euer, Till breath the faile, ioy shalt thou neuer. Sith right doth iudge this wo tendureOf health of welth of remedy. (15) As I haue done so be she sure, Of faith and truth vntil I dye. And as this paine cloke shal I euer So inwardly ioy shal I neuer, Griping of gripes greue not so sore(20) Nor serpentes styng causeth such smartNothing on earth may paine me more, Then sight that perst my woful hart Drowned with cares stil to perseuer Come death betimes ioy shal I neuer, (25) O libertie why dost thou swarue: And steale away thus all at onesAnd I in prison like to starue, For lacke of foode do gnaw on bones My hope and trust in thee was euer, (30) Now thou art gon ioy shal I neuer, But styl as one al desperate, To leade my life in misery: Sith feare from hope hath locke the gate Where pitie should graunt remedy, (35) Dispaire this lot assignes me euer, To liue in paine, ioy shal I neuer,

The louer praieth his seruice to
be accepted, and his de
faultes pardoned. +

P Rocryn that somtime serued Cephalus +With hart as true as any louer might. Yet her betide in louing this vnrightThat as in hart with loue surprised thus (5) She on a day to see this Cephalus Where he was wont to shroude him in the shade When of his hunting he an ende had made. Within the woods with dredful fote forth stalketh