Tottel sig. Yiiir

[sig. Yiiir]

Although he haue a pleasant house, his trouble is the more They bowe and speake him feire, which seke to sucke his blood: (50) And some do wishe his soule in hel, and al to haue his good The coueting of the goodes, doth nought but dull the sprite And some men chaunce to tast the sower, that gropeth for the swete The riche is styl enuied by those which eate his bread: With fawning speche and flattering tales his eares are dayly fed (55) In fine I see and proue the riche haue many foes. He slepeth best, and careth least, that little hath to lose, As tyme requireth now, who woulde auoyde much strife, Were better liue in poore estate, then leade a princis life. To passe those troublesom times I see but littil choyse, (60) But helpe to wayle with those that wepe, & laugh when they reioyce For as we se to day, our brother brought in care: To morow may we haue such chaunce to fal with him in snare Of this we may be sure, who thinkes to sit most fast, Shal sonest fal like withered leaues that can not bide a blast, (65) Though that the flood be great, the ebbe as low doth runne +When euery man hath playd his part our pagent wylbe donne. Who trustes this wretched world, I, hold him worse then madde Here is not one that feareth God, the best is all to badde. For those that seme as saintes, are diuels in their dedes (70) Though that the earth bringes furth some flowers it beareth many wedes, I see no preseut helpe from mischiefe to preuaile, But flee the seas of worldly care or beare a quiet saile, For who that medleth least, shal saue him selfe from smartWho stirres an oare in euery boate shal play a foolish part

The dispairing louer la-
menteth. +

W Alking the path of pensiue thought, I askt my hart how came this wo: Thine eye (quod he) this care me brought, Thy minde, thy witte, thy wil also (5) Enforceth me to loue her euer This is the cause ioy shal I neuer And as I walke as one dismaide, Thinking that wrong this wo me lent: Right, sent me worde by wrath, which sayd (10) This iust iudgement to thee is sent: