Tottel sig. Yiiiiv

[sig. Yiiiiv]

What shal I say for that is not in sight? The hidden partes I iudge them by the rest. (20) And if I were the forman of the quest, To geue a verdite of her beauty bright, For geue me Phebus , thou shouldst be dispossest, Which doest vsurpe my ladies place of right. Here will I cease lest enuy cause dispite. (25) But nature when she wrought so faire a wight, In this her worke she surely dyd entende, To frame a thing that God could not amende.

The louer declareth his paines
to excede far the paines
of hell. +

T He soules that lacked grace, Which lye in bitter paine: Are not in such a place, As foolish folke do faine. (5) Tormented all with fire, And boile in leade againe, With serpents full of ire, Stong oft with deadly paine. Then cast in frosen pittes: (10) To freze there certaine howers: And for their painfull fittes, Apointed tormentours. No no it is not so, Their sorow is not such: (15) And yet they haue of wo, I dare say twise as much. Which comes because they lack The sight of the godhed, And be from that kept back (20) Where with are aungels fed This thing know I by loue Through absence crueltie, Which makes me for to proueHell pain before I dye.