Tottel sig. Yiiiir

[sig. Yiiiir]

So busily loue in her hed it walketh. (10) That she to sene him may her not restraine. This Cephalus that heard one shake the leaues Uprist all egre thrusting after pray, With darte in hand him list no further daine, To see his loue but slew her in the greaues, (15) That ment to him but perfect loue alway. So curious bene alas the rites all, Of mighty loue that vnnethes may I thinke, In his high seruice how to loke or winke. Thus I complaine that wretchedst am of all, (20) To you my loue, and soueraine lady dere, That may my hart with death or life stere As ye best list. That ye vouchsafe in all Mine humble seruice. And if me misfall, By negligence, or els for lacke of wit. (25) That of your mercy you do pardon it, And think that loue made Procrin shake the leues When with vnright she slain was in greues.

Descripcion and praise of
his loue. +

L Yke the Phenix a birde most rare in sight, That nature hath with gold and purple drest: +Such she me semes in whom I most delight, If I might speake for enuy at the least. (5) Nature I thinke first wrought her in despite, A rose and lilly that sommer bringeth first, In beauty sure, exceding all the rest, Under the bent of her browes iustly pight: As Diamondes, or Saphires at the least: +(10) Her glistring lightes the darknesse of the night. Whose litle mouth and chinne like all the rest. Her ruddy lippes excede the corall quite. Her yuery teeth where none excedes the rest. Fautlesse she is from foote vnto the waste: (15) Her body small and straight as mast vpright, Her armes long in iust proporcion cast, Her handes depaint with veines all blew & white.