Tottel sig. Xiv

[sig. Xiv]

And toke him to her handes and grace, And said she would her minde apply, (45) To helpe him in his wofull case, If she might be his remedy. And thus they say to ease his smart, She made him owner of her hart. And truth it is except they lye, (50) From that day forth her study went, To shew to loue him faithfully, And his whole minde full to content. So happy a man at last was he, And eke so worthy a woman she. (55) Lo lady then iudge you by this, Mine case and how my case doth fall, For sure betwene my life and his, No difference there is at all. His care was great so was his paine, (60) And mine is not the lest of twaine. For what he felt in seruice true For her whom that he loued so, The same I fele as large for you, To whom I do my seruice owe. (65) There was that time in him no paine, But now the same in me doth raigne. Which if you can compare and way, And how I stand in euery plight, Then this for you I dare well say, (70) Your hart must nedes remorce of right To graunt me grace and so to do, As Creside then did Troylus to. For well I wot you are as good, And euen as faire as euer was she, (75) And commen of as worthy blood, And haue in you as large pitie To tender me your own true man, As she did him her seruant than. Which gift I pray God for my sake, (80) Full sone and shortly you me sende, So shall you make my sorowes slake, So shall you bring my wo to ende. And set me in as happy case, As Troylus with his lady was.