Tottel sig. Xiiir

[sig. Xiiir]

As smallest sparckes vncared for, To greatest flames do sonest grow, +Euen so did this mine inward sore, Begin in game and end in wo. (25) And now by vse so swift it goeth, That nothing can mine eares so fill: But that the clacke + it ouergoeth, And plucketh me backe into the mill. But since the mill will nedes about, (30) The pinne wheron the whele doth go: I will assay to strike it out, And so the mill to ouerthrow. +

The power of loue ouer gods
them selues. +

F Or loue Apollo (his Godhed set aside) Was seruant to the king of Thessaley, +Whose daughter was so pleasant in his eye, +That both his harpe and sawtrey he defide: (5) And bagpipe solace of the rurall bride, Did puffe and blow and on the holtes hy, His cattell kept with that rude melody, And oft eke him that doth the heauens gide, Hath loue transformed to shapes for him to base(10) Transmuted thus somtime a swan is he, Leda taccoy, and eftEurope to please, A milde white bull, vnwrinckled front and face, Suffreth her play till on his back lepeth she, Whom in great care he ferieth through the seas.

The promise of a constant louer. +

A S Lawrell leaues that cease not to be grene, From parching sunne, nor yet from winters threte As hardened oke that feareth no sworde so kene, As flint for toole in twaine that will not frete. (5) As fast as rocke, or piller surely set: So fast am I to you, and ay haue bene, Assuredly whom I cannot forget,