Tottel sig. Xiiiir

[sig. Xiiiir]

And neuer light where liuing thing hath life, But eat and drinke where stinche and filth is rife. (35) For she that is a fowle of fethers bright, Admit she toke some pleasure in thy light. As fowle of state sometimes delight to take, Fowle of mean sort their flight with them to make. For play of wing, or solace of their kinde: (40) But not in sort as thou dost breake thy minde. Not for to treade with such foule fowle as thou, No no I sweare, and dare it here auow. Thou neuer settest thy foote within her nest, Boast not so broade then to thine owne vnrest. (45) But blushe for shame, for in thy face it standes, And thou canst not vnspot it with thy handes. For all the heauens against thee recorde beare, And all in earth against thee eke will sweare, That thou in this art euen none other man, (50) But as the iudges were to Susan than. Forgers of that wherto their lust them prickt, Bashe, blaser then the truth hath thee conuict. And she a woman of her worthy fame, Unspotted standes, & thou hast caught the shame. (55) And there I pray to God that it may rest, False as thou art, as false as is the best, That so canst wrong the noble kinde of man, In whom all trouth first floorisht and began. And so hath stand, till now thy wretched part, (60) Hath spotted vs, of whose kinde one thou art. +That all the shame that euer rose or may, Of shamefull dede on thee may light I say, And on thy kinde, and thus I wishe thee rather, That all thy seede may like be to their father. (65) Untrue as thou, and forgers as thou art, So as all we be blamelesse of thy part. And of thy dede. And thus I do thee leaue, Still to be false, and falsely to deceaue.

A praise of maistresse R. +

I Heard when fame with thundring voice did sommon to appere, The chiefe of natures children all that kinde hath placed here.