Tottel sig. Uiv

[sig. Uiv]

Who thinkes to flee her force, at length becomes her thrall, The wisest cannot slip her snare, for nature gouerns all. Lo, nature gaue vs shape, lo nature fedes our liues: Then they are worse then mad I think, against her force that striues (35) Though some do vse to say, which can do nought but faine, Women were made for this intent, to put vs men to paine. Yet sure I thinke they are a pleasure to the minde, A ioy which man can neuer want, as nature hath assinde.

when aduersitie is once fallen,
it is to late to beware. +

T O my mishap alas I finde That happy hap is daungerous: And fortune worketh but her kinde, To make the ioyfull dolorous. (5) But all to late it comes to minde, To waile the want that makes me blinde. Amid my myrth and pleasantnesse, Such chaunce is chaunced sodainly, That in dispayre without redresse, (10) I finde my chiefest remedy. No new kinde of vnhappinesse, Should thus haue left me comfortlesse. Who would haue thought that my request, Should bring me forth such bitter frute: (15) But now is hapt that I feard lest: And all this harme comes by my sute, For when I thought me happiest Euen then hapt all my chiefe vnrest. In better case was neuer none (20) And yet vnwares thus am I trapt, My chiefe desire doth cause me mone, And to my harme my welth is hapt, There is no man but I alone, That hath such cause to sigh and mone. (25) Thus am I taught for to beware And trust no more such pleasant chance, My happy hap bred me this care, And brought my mirth to great mischance. There is no man whom hap will spare, (30) But when she list his welth is bare.