Tottel sig. Uiiv

[sig. Uiiv]

I carde for her so much alone, (40) That other God I carde for none. But as it doth to them befall, That to them selues respect haue none: So my swete graffe is growen to gall, Where I sowed mirth I reaped mone. (45) This ydoll that I honorde so, Is now transformed to my fo. That me most pleased, me most paines, And in dispaire my hart remaines. And for iust scourge of such desart, (50) Thre plages I may my selfe assure, First of my frende to lose my part, And next my life may not endure, And last of all the more to blame, My soule shall suffer for the same. (55) Wherfore ye frendes I warne you all, Sit fast for feare of such a fall.

Vpon the death of sir An-
tony Denny. +

D Eath and the king, did as it were contend, Which of them two bare Denny greatest loue. The king to shew his loue gan farre extende, Did him aduaunce his betters farre aboue.(5) Nere place much welth, great honor eke him gaue, +To make it known what powre gret princes haue. But when death came with his triumphant gift, From worldly cark he quite his weried ghost, Free from the corps, and straight to heauen it lift, (10) Now deme that can who did for Denny most. The king gaue welth but fading and vnsure, Death brought him blisse that euer shall endure.

A comparison of the lo-
uers paines. +

L Yke as the brake within the riders hand, Doth straine the horse nye wood with grief of paine,