Tottel sig. Uiir

[sig. Uiir]

Of a louer that made his one-
ly god of his loue. +

A Ll you that frendship do professe, And of a frende present the place: Geue eare to me that did possesse, As frendly frutes as ye imbrace. (5) And to declare the circumstance, There were them selues that did auaunce: To teach me truely how to take, A faithfull friende for vertues sake. But I as one of litle skill, (10) To know what good might grow therby, Unto my welth I had no will, Nor to my nede I had none eye, But as the childe doth learne to go, So I in time did learne to know, (15) Of all good frutes the world brought forth. A faithfull frende is thing most worth. Then with all care I sought to finde, One worthy to receiue such trust: One onely that was riche in minde, (20) One secrete, sober, wise, and iust. Whom riches could not raise at all, Nor pouertie procure to fall: And to be short in few wordes plaine, One such a frende I did attaine. (25) And when I did enioy this welth, Who liued Lord in such a case, For to my frendes it was great helth, And to my foes a fowle deface, And to my selfe a thing so riche (30) As seke the world and finde none such. Thus by this frende I set such store. As by my selfe I set no more. This frende so much was my delight, When care had clene orecome my hart (35) One thought of her rid care as quite, As neuer care had causde my smart. Thus ioyed I in my frende so dere, Was neuer frende sate man so nere,