Tottel sig. Uiiiv

[sig. Uiiiv]

T He golden apple that the Troyan boy, +Gaue to Uenus the fayrest of the thre, Which was the cause of all the wrack of Troy, Was not receiued with a greater ioy, (5) Then was the same (my loue) thou sent to me, It healed my sore it made my sorowes free, It gaue me hope it banisht mine annoy: Thy happy hand full oft of me was blist, That can geue such a salue when that thou list.

Manhode auaileth not without
good Fortune. +

T He Cowerd oft whom deinty viandes fed, That bosted much his ladies eares to please, By helpe of them whom vnder him he led Hath reapt the palme + the valiance could not cease. (5) The vnexpert that shores vnknowen neare sought, whom Neptune yet apaled not with feare: In wandring shippe on trustles seas hath tought The skill to fele that time to long doth leare. +The sporting knight that scorneth Cupides kinde, (10) With fained chere the pained cause to brede: In game vnhides the leden sparkes + of minde, And gaines the gole, where glowing flames shold spede, Thus I see proofe that trouth & manly hart May not auaile, if fortune chaunce to start.

That constancy of all vertues
is most worthy +

T Hough in the waxe a perfect picture made, Doth shew as faire as in the marble stone, Yet do we see it is estemed of none. Because that fier or force the forme doth fade. +(5) Wheras the marble holden is ful dere, Since that endures the date of lenger dayes. Of Diamondes it is the greatest praise,