Tottel sig. Uiiir

[sig. Uiiir]

Not vsed before to come in such a bande, Striueth for griefe, although god wot in vain (5) To be as erst he was at libertie. But force of force doth straine the contrary. Euen so since band doth cause my deadly grief, That made me so my wofull chaunce lament, Like thing hath brought me into paine & mis∣chiefe, (10) Saue willingly to it I did assent. To binde the thing in fredome which was free, That now full sore alas repenteth me.

Of a Rosemary branche
sent. +

S Uch grene to me as you haue sent, Such grene to you I sende againe: A flowring hart that will not feint, For drede of hope or losse of gaine: (5) A stedfast thought all wholy bent, So that he may your grace obtaine: As you by proofe haue alwayes sene, To liue your owne and alwayes grene.

To his loue of his con-
stant hart. +

A S I haue bene so will I euer be, Unto my death and lenger if I myght. Haue I of loue the frendly lokyng eye? Haue, I of fortune fauour or despite? (5) I am of rock by proofe as you may see: Not made of waxe nor of no metall light, As leefe to dye, by chaunge as to deceaue, Or breake the promise made. And so I leaue.

Of the token which his
loue sent him. +