Tottel sig. Uiiiiv

[sig. Uiiiiv]

(30) As liue and loue to much.

The louer in libertie smileth at
them in thraldome, that some-
time scorned his
bondage. +

A T libertie I sit and see, Them that haue erst laught me to scorne: Whypt with the whip that scourged me And now they banne that they were borne. (5) I see them sit full soberlye, And thinke their earnest lokes to hide: Now in them selues they can not spye, That they or this in me haue spide. I see them sitting all alone, (10) Markyng the steppes ech worde and loke: And now they treade where I haue gone The painfull pathe that I forsoke. Now I see well I saw no whit. When they saw wel that now are blinde (15) But happy hap hath made me quit, And iust iudgement hath them assinde. I see them wander all alone, And treade full fast in dredfull dout: The selfe same pathe that I haue gone, (20) Blessed be hap that brought me out. At libertie all this I see, And say no word but erst among; Smiling at them that laught at me. Lo such is hap, marke well my song.

A comparison of his loue wyth
the faithful and painful loue
of Troylus to
Creside. +