Tottel sig. Uiiiir

[sig. Uiiiir]

So long to last and alwaies one tappere. Then if we do esteme that thing for best, (10) Which in perfection lengest time doth last: And that most vaine that turnes with euery blast What iewel then with tong can be exprest? Like to that hart wher loue hath framed such feth, That can not fade but by the force of death.

The vncertaine state of
of a louer. +

L Yke as the rage of raine. Filles riuers with excesse, And as the drought againe, Doth draw them lesse and lesse. (5) So I both fall and clyme, With no and yea sometime. As they swell hye and hye, So doth encrease my state, As they fall drye and drye(10) So doth my wealth abate, As yea is mixt with no. So mirth is mixt with wo. As nothing can endure, That liues and lackes reliefe, (15) So nothing can stande sure, Where chaunge doth raigne as chiefe, Wherefore I must intende, To bowe when others bende. And when they laugh to smile, (20) And when they wepe to waile, And when they craft, begile, And when they fight, assaile, And thinke there is no chaunge, Can make them seme to strange. (25) Oh most vnhappy slaue, What man may leade this course, To lacke he would faynest haue, Or els to do much worse. These be rewardes for such,