Tottel sig. Tir

[sig. Tir]

And ye that bide behinde, Haue ye none other trust: (55) As ye of claye were cast by kinde, So shall ye waste to dust. +

Of the ladie wentworthes
death. +

T O liue to dye and dye to liue againe, With good renowne of fame well led before Here lieth she that learned had the lore, Whom if the parfect vertues wolden daine. (5) To be set forth with foile of worldly grace, was noble borne and match in noble race, +Lord Wentworthes wife, nor wanted to attaine, In natures giftes her praise among the rest, But that that gaue her praise aboue the best (10) Not fame, her wedlocks chastnes durst distain, Wherein with child deliueryng of her wombe, Thuntimely birth hath brought them both in tomb So left she life by death to liue againe.

The louer accusing his loue for
her vnfaithfulnesse, purposeth
to liue in libertie. +

T He smoky sighes the bitter teares, That I in vaine haue wasted: The broken slepes, the wo and feares, That long in me haue lasted: (5) The loue and all I owe to thee, Here I renounce and make me free. Which fredome I haue by thy guilt, And not by my deseruing, Since so vnconstantly thou wilt (10) Not loue, but still be swering. +To leaue me of which was thine owne, Without cause why as shalbe knowen. The frutes were faire the which did grow,