Tottel sig. Tiir

[sig. Tiir]

A S Cypres tree that rent is by the roote, As branch or slippebereft from whence it growes As wel sowen seede for drought that can not sprout As gaping ground that raineles can not close (5) As moules that want the earth to do them boteAs fishe on land to whom no water flowes, As Thameleon + that lackes the aier so sote, As flowers do fade when Phebus rarest showes. As Salamandra repulsed from the fire: +(10) So wanting my wish I dye for my desire

A happy end excedeth all plea-
sures and riches of the
world. +

T He shining season here to some, The glory in the worldes sight, Renowmed fame through fortune wonne The glitteryng golde the eyes delight, (5) The sensuall life that semes so swete, The hart with ioyful dayes replete, The thyng wherto eche wight is thrall, The happy ende exceadeth all.

Against an vnstedfast
woman. +

O Temerous tauntres that delights in toyes Tumbling cockboat totring to and fro, Ianglyng iestres deprauers of swete ioyes, Groud of the graffe whence al my grief doth grow, (5) Sullen serpent enuironned with dispite, That yll for good at all times doest requite.

A praise of Petrarke and of Lau-
ra his ladie. +