Tottel sig. Tiiir

[sig. Tiiir]

Trikle to trust of all vntruth the traine, (5) Thou rigorous rocke that ruth cannot remoue. Daungerous delph depe dungeon of disdaine: Sacke of selfe will the chest of craft and change, What causeth the thus causels for to change? Ah piteles plante + whom plaint cannot prouoke. (10) Den of disceite that right doth still refuse, Causles vnkinde that cariest vnder cloke Cruelty and craft me onely to abuse, Stately and stubberne withstanding Cupides stroke, Thou merueilouse mase that makest men to muse, (15) Solleyn by selfe wil, most stony stiffe and straunge, what causeth thee thus causelesse for to change? Slipper and secrete where surety cannot sowe Net of newelty, neast of newfanglenesse, Spring of al spite, from whence whole fluddes do flow, (20) Thou caue and cage of care and craftinesse Wauering willow that euery blast doth blowe Graffe without groth and cause of carefulnesse, Heape of mishap of all my griefe the graunge, What causeth thee thus causelesse for to chaunge. (25) Hast thou forgote that I was thine infeft, By force of loue haddest thou not hart at all, Sawest thou not other for thy loue were left Knowest thou vnkinde, that nothing mought befallFrom out of my hart that could haue the bereft.+(30) What meanest thou then at ryot thus to raunge, And leauest thine owne that neuer thought to chaunge.

The louer sheweth what he would
haue, if it were graunted him to
haue what he would
wishe. +

I F it were so that God would graunt me my request, And that I might of earthly thinges haue that I liked best, I would not wish to clime to princely hye astate, Which slipper is and slides so oft, and hath so fickle fate. (5) Nor yet to conquere realmes with cruel sworde in hande,