Tottel sig. Tiiiiv

[sig. Tiiiiv]

That I may drowne therin: That by my death al men may say. Lo women are as true as they. +By me al women may beware, (50) That see my wofull smart, To seke true loue let them not spare, Before they set their hart. Or els they may become as I, Which for my truth am lyke to dye.

The louer yelden into his ladies
handes, praieth
mercie. +

I N fredome was my fantasie +Abhorryng bondage of the minde, But now I yelde my libertie, And willingly my selfe I binde. (5) Truely to serue with al my hart, whiles life doth last not to reuart. +Her beauty bounde me first of all And forst my will for to consent: And I agree to be her thrall, (10) For as she list I am content. My wyll is hers in that I may, And where she biddes I wyll obey. It lieth in her my wo or welth, She may do that she liketh best, (15) If that she list I haue my helth, If she list not in wo I rest. Sins I am fast within her bandes. My wo and welth lieth in her handes. She can no lesse then pitie me, (20) Sith that my faith to her is knowne, It were to much extremitie, With cruelty to vse her owne. Alas a sinnefull enterprise, To slay that yeldes at her deuice. (25) But I thinke not her hart so harde, Nor that she hath such cruell lust: