Tottel sig. Siir

[sig. Siir]

And faithfulnesse is full of fruit, and frutefull thinges be found. (5) And sound is good at proofe, and proofe is prince of praise, And precious praise is such a pearle, as seldome ner decaies. All these thinges time tries forth, which time I must abide, How should I boldly credite craue till time my truth haue tride. For as I found a time to fall in fansies frame, (10) So I do wish a lucky time for to declare the same. If hap may answere hope, and hope may haue his hire, Then shall my hart possesse in peace the time that I desire.

The louer refused of his loue
imbraceth death. +

M Y youthfull yeres are past, My ioyfull dayes are gone; My life it may not last, My graue and I am one. (5) My mirth and ioyes are fled, And I a man in wo: Desirous to be ded, My mischiefe to forgo. I burne and am a colde, (10) I freze amids the fire: I see she doth withold That is my most desire. I see my help at hand, I see my life also: +(15) I see where she doth stand That is my deadly fo. I see how she doth see, And yet she will be blinde: I see in helping me, (20) She sekes and will not finde. I see how she doth wry, When I begin to mone: I see when I come nye, How faine she would begone. (25) I see what will ye moreShe will me gladly kill: And you shall see therfore That she shall haue her will.