Tottel sig. Siiiv

[sig. Siiiv]

With weping eyen and watry teares. To hold my hope abacke. All thinges I see haue place, (30) Wherein they bow or bende: Saue this alas my wofull case, Which no where findeth ende.

Thassault of Cupide vpon the fort
where the louers hart lay woun-
ded and how he was taken. +

W Hen Cupide scaled first the fort, wherin my hart lay wounded sore: The battry was of such a sort That I must yelde or dye therfore. (5) There saw I loue vpon the wall, How he his banner did display: Alarme alarme he gan to call, And bad his souldiours kepe aray, The armes the which that Cupide bare, (10) were pearced hartes with teares besprent: In siluer and sable to declare The stedfast loue he alwaies ment. There might you see his band all drest, In colours like to white and blacke: (15) With powder and with pellets prest, To bring the sort to spoile and sacke. +Good will the master of the shot, Stode in the rampyre braue and proud: For spence of powder he sparde not, (20) Assault assault to cry aloud. +There might you heare the cannons rore, Eche pece discharged a louers loke: Which had the power to rent, and tore In any place wheras they toke. (25) And euen with the trumpets sowne, The scaling ladders were vp set: And beauty walked vp and downe with bow in hand and arrowes whet, Then first desire began to scale, (30) And shrowded him vnder his targe,