Tottel sig. Siiiir

[sig. Siiiir]

As on the worthiest of them all, And aptest for to geue the charge. Then pushed souldiers with their pikes And holbarders with handy strokes: (35) The hargabushe in flesh it lightes, And dims the ayre with misty smokes. +And as it is the souldiers vse, When shot and powder gins to want: I hanged vp my flagge of truce (40) And pleaded for my liues graunt. When fansy thus had made her breach, And beauty entred with her band: with bag and baggage sely wretch, I yelded into beauties hand. (45) Then beauty bad to blow retrete, And euery soldiour to retire. And mercy wilde with spede to fet: Me captiue bound as prisoner. Madame (quoth I) sith that this day, (50) Hath serued you at all assaies: I yelde to you without delay, Here of the fortresse all the kaies. And sith that I haue ben the marke, At whom you shot at with your eye: (55) Nedes must you with your handy warke, Or salue my sore or let me dye, +

The aged louer renoun-
ceth loue. +

I Lothe that I did loue, In youth that I thought swete: +As time requi
res for my behoue,
Me thinkes they are not mete. (5) My lustes they do me leaue, My fansies all be fled: And tract of time begins to weaue, Gray heares vpon my hed. For age with steling steps, +(10) Hath clawed me with his crowch: