Tottel sig. Riiv

[sig. Riiv]

Not knowing alas (poore foole) how nere She is vnto the fowlers snare. So I amid disceitfull trust, (30) Did not mistrust such wofull happe: Till cruell loue ere that I wistHad caught me in his carefull trappe. Then did I fele, and partly know, How litle force in me did raigne: (35) So soone to yelde to ouerthrow, Do fraile to flit from ioy to paine. For when in welth will did me leade Of libertie to hoyse my saile: To hale at shete and cast my leade, +(40) I thought free choyce would still preuaile. In whose calme streames I sayld so farre, No raging storme had in respect: Untill I raysde a goodly starre, wherto my course I did direct. (45) In whose prospect in doolfull wise, My tackle failde, my compasse brake? Through hote desires such stormes did rise, That sterne and top went all to wrake. Oh cruell hap, oh fatall chaunce, (50) O Fortune why were thou vnkinde: Without regarde thus in a traunce, To reue from me my ioyfull minde. Where I was free now must I serue, Where I was lose now am I bound: (55) In death my life I do preserue, As one through girt with many a wound.

A praise of his La-
dye. +

G Eue place you Ladies and be gone, Boast not your selues at all: For here at hand approcheth one: Whose face will staine you all. (5) The vertue of her liuely lokes, Excels the precious stone: I wish to haue none other bokes To read or loke vpon. +