Tottel sig. Riir

[sig. Riir]

No man can tell what God almight of euery wight doth cast, No man can say to day I liue, till morne my life shall last. For when thou shalt before thy iudge stand to receiue thy dome, What sentence Minos doth pronounce that must of thee become. (25) Then shall not noble stocke and bloud redeme the from his hands Nor sugred talke with eloquence shall lose thee from his bandes. Nor yet thy life vprightly lead, can help thee out of hell, For who descendeth down so depe, must there abide and dwell. Diana could not thence deliuer chaste Hypolitus , (30) Nor Theseus could not call to life his frende Perithous .

A complaint of the losse of li-
bertie by loue. +

I N seking rest, vnrest I finde, I finde that welth is cause of wo: Wo worth the time that I inclinde, To fixe in minde her beauty so. (5) That day be darkned as the night, Let furious rage it cleane deuour: Ne Sunne nor Moone therin giue light, But it consume with streame and shower. Let no small birds straine forth their voyce, (10) with pleasant tunes, ne yet no beast: Finde cause wherat he may reioyce, That day when chaunced mine vnrest. Wherin alas from me was raught, Mine own free choyce and quiet minde, (15) My life me death in balance braughtAnd reason rasde through barke and rinde, +And I as yet in flower of age, Both wit and will did still aduance: Ay to resist that burning rage: (20) But when I darte then did I glaunce. Nothing to me did seme so hye, In minde I could it straight attaine: Fansy perswaded me therby, Loue to esteme a thing most vaine. (25) But as the bird vpon the brier, Doth pricke and proyne her without care: