Tottel sig. Riiiv

[sig. Riiiv]

For al the rest are plaine but chaffe, Which seme good corne to be. This gift alone I shal her geue. When death doth what he can: (55) Her honest fame shall euer liue, Within the mouth of man.

The pore estate to be holden
for best. +

E xperience now doth shew what God vs taught before, Desired pompe is vaine, and seldome doth it last: Who climbes to raigne with kinges, may rue his fate full sore. Alas the woful ende that comes with care full fast, (5) Reiect him doth renowne his pompe full low is caste. Deceiued is the birde by swetenesse of the call Expell that pleasant taste, wherein is bitter gall. Such as with oten cakes in poore estate abides, Of care haue they no cure, the crab with mirth they rost, (10) More ease fele they then those, that from their height down slides Excesse doth brede their wo, they faile in Scillas cost, Remainyng in the stormes tyll shyp and al be lost. Serue God therefore thou pore, for lo, thou liues in rest, Eschue the golden hall, thy thatched house is besT.

The complaint of Thestilis
amid the desert
wodde. +

T Hestilis a sely man, when loue did him forsake, In mourning wise, amid the wods thus gan his plaint to make. Ah woful man (quod he) fallen is thy lot to mone And pyne away with careful thoughtes, vnto thy loue vnknowen. (5) Thy lady thee forsakes whom thou didst honor so That ay to her thou were a frend, and to thy selfe a foe.