Tottel sig. Riiiir

[sig. Riiiir]

Ye louers that haue lost your heartes desired choyse, Lament with me my cruell happe, & helpe my trembling voice. Was neuer man that stode so great in fortunes grace: (10) Nor with his swete alas to deare possest so high a place. As I whose simple hart aye thought him selfe full sure, But now I se hie springing tides they may not aye endure. She knowes my giltelesse hart, and yet she lets it pine, Of her vntrue professed loue so feble is the twine. (15) What wonder is it than, if I berent my heares, And caruing death continually do bathe my selfe in teares, When Cresus king of Lide was cast in cruell bandes, And yelded goodes and life also into his enemies handes. What tong could tell his wo, yet was his griefe much lesse (20) Then mine: for I haue lost my loue whych might my woe redresse. Ye woodes that shroud my limes giue now your holow sound, That ye may helpe me to bewaile the cares that me confound. Ye riuers rest a while and stay the streames that runne, Rew Thestilis most woful man that liues vnder the sunne. (25) Transport my sighes ye windes vnto my plesant foe, My tricklyng teares shal witnesse beare of this my cruel woe. O happy man wer I if all the goddes agreed: That now the susters three + should cut in twaine my fatall threde. Till life with loue shall ende I here resigne al ioy: (30) Thy pleasant swete I now lament whose lacke bredes myne anoy Farewell my deare therfore farewell to me well knowne: If that I die it shalbe said that thou hast slaine thine owne.

An answere of
comfort. +

T Hestilis thou sely man, why dost thou so complayne, If nedes thy loue wyll thee forsake, thy mourning is in vaine. For none can force the streames against their course to ronne, Nor yet vnwilling loue with teares or wailyng can be wonne. (5) Cease thou therefore thy plaintes, let hope thy sorowes ease, The shipmen though their sailes be rent yet hope to scape the seas Though straunge she serue a while, yet thinke she wil not chaunge Good causes driue a ladies loue, sometime to seme full straunge,