Tottel sig. Qiir

[sig. Qiir]

W Hat thing is that which I both haue and lacke, with good will graunted, yet it is denyed How may I be receiued and put abacke Alway doing and yet vnoccupied, (5) Most slow in that which I haue most applied, Still thus to seke, and lese all that I win, And that was doon is newest to begin, In riches finde I wilfull pouertie, In great pleasure, liue I in heauinesse. (10) In much freedome I lacke my libertie, Thus am I both in ioy and in distresse. And in few wordes if that I shall be plaine, In Paradise I suffer all this paine.

where good will is, some proofe
will appere. +

I T is no fire that geues no heate, Though it appeare neuer so hot: And they that runne and can not sweate, Are very leane and dry God wot, +(5) A perfect leche applieth his wittes, To gather herbes of all degrees: And feuers with their feruent fittes, Be cured with their contraries. New wine will serch to finde a vent, (10) Although the caske be set so strong: And wit will walke when will is bent, +Although the way be neuer so long. The Rabbets runne vnder the rockes: The Snailes do clime the highest towers: (15) Gunpowder cleaues the sturdy blockes. A feruent will all thing deuowers. When wit with will and diligentApply them selues, and match as mates, There can no want of resident, +(20) From force defend the castell gates. Forgetfulnesse make litle haste, And slouth delites to lye full soft: That telleth the deaf, his tale doth waste, And is full dry that craues full oft.