Tottel sig. Qiiiv

[sig. Qiiiv]

Sone on the ground the net masheth. (35) Experience therfore the meane assurance, Prefers before the doutfull pleasance. +

The louer thinkes no paine to
great, wherby he may ob-
tain his ladie. +

S Ith that the way to wealth is wo, And after paine is pleasure prest, Why should I than dispaire so, Ay bewailing mine vnrest: (5) Or let to leade my life in paine, So worthy a lady to obtaine. The fisher man doth count no care, To cast his nets to wrack or wast, +And in reward of eche mans share. (10) A gogen gift + is much imbrast, Should I than grudge it grief or gall, That loke at length to whelm a Whall. The poore man ploweth his ground for grain, +And soweth his seede increase to craue, (15) And for thexpence of all his pain, Oft holdes it hap his seede to saue, These pacient paines my part doth show, To long for loue ere that I know. And take no scorne to scape from skill, +(20) To spend my sprites to spare my speche, To win for welth the want of will. And thus for rest to rage I reche, +Running my race as rect vpright: Till teares of truth appease my plight. (25) And plant my plaint within her brest, Who doutles may restore againe, My harmes to helth, my ruthe to rest. That laced is within her chaine, For earst ne are the griefes so gret: (30) As is the ioy when loue is met. For who couets so high to clim, As
doth the bird that pitfoll toke,