Tottel sig. Qiiiir

[sig. Qiiiir]

Or who delightes so swift to swim, As doth the fish that scapes the hoke, (35) If these had neuer entred wo: How mought they haue reioysed so. But yet alas ye louers all, That here me ioy thus lesse reioyce, Iudge not amis what so befall. (40) In me there lieth no power of choyse, It is but hope that doth me moue: Who standerd bearer is to loue. On whose ensigne when I behold, I see the shadow of her shape, (45) Within my faith so fast I fold: Through drede I die, through hope I scape, Thus ease and wo full oft I finde, What will you more she knoweth my minde.

Of a new maried studient that
plaied fast or lose. +

A Studient at his boke so plast: That welth he might haue wonne, From boke to wife did flete in hast, From wealth to wo to runne. (5) Now, who hath plaied a feater cast, Since iugling first begonne? In knitting of him self so fast, Him selfe he hath vndonne.

The meane estate is to be
accompted the best. +

W Ho craftly castes to stere his boate and safely skoures the flattering flood: He cutteth not the greatest waues, for why that way were nothing good. (5) Ne fleteth on the crocked shore lest harme him happe awayting lest.But wines away betwene them both, as who would say the meane is best.