Tottel sig. Piv

[sig. Piv]

V Nto the liuing Lord for pardon do I pray, From whom I graunt, euen from the wel, & haue run styl astray. And other liues there none (my death shall well declare) On whom I ought to grate for grace, + as faulty folkes do fare. (5) But thee, O Lord alone, I haue offended so, That this small scourge + is much to scant for mine offence I know I ranne without returne, the way the world likte best, And what I ought most to regard, that I respected lest, The throngh wherin I thrust hath throwen me in such case (10) That lord my soule is sore beset without thy greater grace. My gyltes are growen so great, my power doth so appayre, That with great force they argue oft, and mercy much dispayre. But then with faith I flee to thy prepared store, Where there lyeth helpe for euery hurt, and salue for euery sore, (15) My lost time to lament, my vayne waies to bewaile, No day, no night, no place no hower, no moment I shall fayle. My soule shall neuer cease with an assured fayth To knocke, to craue, to call, to crye, to thee for helpe, which sayth: Knock and it shalbe heard, but aske, and geuen it is, +(20) And all that lyke to kepe this course: of mercy shall not misse. For when I call to minde how the one wandring shepe, +Did bring more ioy with his returne, then al the flocke did kepe. It yeldes ful hope and trust, my strayed and wandring ghost Shalbe receiued and held more dere, then those wer neuer lost. (25) O Lord my hope behold, and for my helpe make haste, +To pardon the forepassed race that carelesse I haue past.And but the day draw neare that death must pay the det, For loue, of life which thou hast lent and time of payment set. From this sharpe showre me shielde which threatned is at hande, (30) Wherby thou shalt great power declare, & I the storme withstande Not my will Lord, but thine, fulfilde be in eche case, +To whose gret wil & mighty power, al powers shal once geue place My faith, my hope, trust, my God and eke my guide, Stretch forth thy hande to saue the soule, what so the body bide, +(35) Refuse not to receiue that thou so deare hast bought, For but by thee alone I know, all safetie in vaine is sought. I know and knowledge eke, albeit very late, That thou it is I ought to loue and dreade in eche estate. And with repentant heart, do laude the Lord on hye, (40) That hast so gently set me straight, that erst walkte so awry, Now graunt me grace my God to stande thine strong in sprite, And let the world then worke such waies, as to the world semes mete.