Tottel sig. Piir

[sig. Piir]

The louer here telleth of his diuers
ioyes and aduersities in loue
and lastly of his
ladies death. +

S Yth singyng gladdeth oft the harts Of them that fele the panges of loue: And for the while doth ease their smarts: My self I shall the same way proue. (5) And though that loue hath smit the stroke. wherby is lost my libertie: Which by no meanes I may reuoke: Yet shall I sing, how pleasantly. Ny twenty yeres of youth I past: (10) Which al in libertie I spent: And so from first vnto the last, Ere aught I knewe, what louing ment, And after shal I syng the wo, The paine, the greefe, the deadly smart: (15) When loue this lyfe did ouerthrowe, That hydden lyes within my hart. And then, the ioyes, that I dyd feele. When fortune lifted after this, And set me hye vpon her whele: (20) And changde my wo to pleasant blisse, And so the sodeyn fall agayne From all the ioyes, that I was in. All you, that list to heare of payne, Geue care, for now I doe beginne. (25) Lo, first of all, when loue began With hote desires my heart to burne: Me thought, his might auailde not than From libertie my heart to turne. For I was free: and dyd not knowe, (30) How much his might mannes hert may greue, I had profest to be his fo: His law, I thought not to beleue, I went vntied in lusty leas, I had my wish alwaies at will: