Tottel sig. Piiir

[sig. Piiir]

Kinde taught me streight that this was loue And I perceiued it perfectly. Yet thought I thus: Nought shall me moue: (80) I will not thrall my libertie. And diuers waies I did assay, By flight, by force, by frend, by fo, This firie thought to put away. I was so lothe for to forgo (85) My libertie: that me was leuer, Then bondage was, where I hard say: Who once was bounde, was sure neuer Without great paine to scape away. But what for that, there is no choice, (90) For my mishap was shapen so: That those my dayes that did reioyce, Should turne my blisse to bitter wo. For with that stroke my blisse toke ende. In stede wherof forth with I caught, (95) Hotte burnyng sighes, that sins haue brend, My wretched hart almost to naught. And sins that day, O Lord my life, The misery that it hath felt. That nought hath had, but wo and strife, (100) And hotte desires my hart to melt. O Lord how sodaine was the change From such a pleasant liberty? The very thraldome semed straunge But yet there was no remedy. (105) But I must yeld, and geue vp all, And make my guide my chefist fo. And in this wise became I thrall, Lo, loue and happe would haue it so. I suffred wrong and held my peace, (110) I gaue my teares good leaue to ronne: And neuer would seke for redresse, But hopt to liue as I begonne. For what it was that might me ease, He liued not that might it know, (115) Thus dranke I all mine owne disease: +And all alone bewailde my wo. I here was no sight that mighte me please, I fled from them that did reioyce,