Tottel sig. Oiv

[sig. Oiv]

As touching loue in any paynMy thought was free, my hart was lyght, I marked not, who lost, who saught, (15) I playd by day, I slept by night I forced not, who wept, who laught. My thought from al such thinges was free. And I my self at libertie. I toke no hede to tauntes nor toys, (20) As leef to see them frowne as smyle: where fortune laught I scornde their ioyes I founde their fraudes and euery wyle. And to my selfe oft tymes I smiled. To see howe loue had them begiled (25) Thus in the net of my conceyt I masked still among the sort Of such as fed vpon the bayte, That Cupide laide for his disport, And euer as I saw them caught: (30) I them beheld, and there at laught. Tyll at the length when Cupide spied My scornefull wyll and spitefull vse And how I past not who was tyed, So that my selfe myght still liue lose: (35) He set him self to lye in waite, And in my way he threw a baite Such one as nature neuer made, I dare well say saue she alone, Such one she was as would inuade (40) A hart, more hard then marble stone, Such one she is, I know it right. Her nature made to shew her might Then as a man in a mase, when vse of reason is away: (45) So I began to stare and gase, And sodenly without delay, Or euer I had the wit to loke: I swalowed vp both bait and hoke. Whych dayly greues me more and more, (50) By sundry sortes of carefull wo: And none aliue may salue the sore. +But onely she that hurt me so. In whom my lyfe doth now consist