Tottel sig. Oir

[sig. Oir]

Vpon consideration of the state
of this life he wisheth death. +

T He lenger life, the more offence: The more offence the greater paine, The greater paine, the lesse defence: The lesse defence, the lesser gaine (5) The losse of gaine long yll doth trye: +Wherfore come death, and let me dye. The shorter life, lesse count I fynde, The lesse account, the soner made: The count soone made, the merier mind: (10) The merier minde doth thought euade, Short life in truth this thing doth trie. Wherefore come death, and let me dye. Come gentle death, the ebbe of care, The ebbe of care the flood of lyfe. (15) The flood of life, the ioifull fare, The ioyfull fare, the end of strife, The ende of strife, that thing wishe I: wherefore come death, and let me dye.

The louer that once disdained loue
is now become subiect being
canght in his snare. +

T O this my songe geue eare who listAnd mine intent iudge as ye will, The time is come, that I haue myste, The thing wheron I hoped styll, (5) And from the toppe of all my trust, Mishap hath throwen me in the dust. The time hath bene and that of late: My hart and I might leape at large, And was not shut within the gate (10) Of looues desire: nor toke no charge Of any thing, that did pertaine