Tottel sig. Oiir

[sig. Oiir]

To saue or slay me as she list. (55) But seing now that I am caught, And bounde so fast, I cannot flee: Be ye by myne ensample taught, That in your fansies fele you free, Despise not them, that louers are: (60) Lest you be caught within his snare,

Of Fortune, and fame. +

T He plage is great, where fortune frounes: One mischiefe bringes a thousand woes Where trumpets giue their warlike sownes: The weke susteyne, sharp ouerthrowes, (5) No better life they take and fele, That subiect are to fortunes whele. Her happy chaunce may last no time: Her pleasure threatneth paines to come, She is the fall of those that clime: (10) And yet her whele auanceth some No force where that she hates, or loues: Her fickle minde so oft remoues She geues uo gift, but craues as fast. She sone repentes a thankfull dede, (15) She turneth after euery blast. She helpes them oft, that haue no nede. Where power dwelles, and riches rest: False Fortune is a common gest. Yet some affirme and proue by sayll: (20) Fortune is not a sleing fame, She neyther can do good, nor yll, She hath no fourme, yet beares a name, Then we but striue against the stremes, To frame such ioyes on fansies dreames. (25) If she haue shape, or name alone: If she do rule or beare no sway: If she haue bodie, life or none: Be she a sprite I can not say. But well I wot, some cause there is: (30) That causeth wo, and sendeth blisse. The causes of thinges I will not blame: