Tottel sig. Oiiiv

[sig. Oiiiv]

(35) Thus all the night I did deuise, which way I might constaineTo forme a plot, that wit might worke these branches in my brain +

Harpalus complaint of Phillidaies loue
bestowed on Corin, who loued
her not: and denied him
that loued her. +

P Hyllida was a faire mayde, As fresh as any flowre, Whom Harpalus the herdman prayde To be his paramour. (5) Harpalus and eke Corin were herdmen both yfere: and Phyllida could twist and spinne +And therto sing full clere But Phyllida was all to coy, (10) For harpalus to winne For Corin was her onely ioy, who forst her not a pinne, How often wold she flowres twine How often garlandes make: (15) Of Cousips and of Columbine. And all for Corins sake. But Corin he had Haukes to lure And forced more the field: Of louers lawe he toke no cure(20) For once he was begilde. Harpalus preuailed noughtHis labour all was lost: For he was fardest from her thought And yet he loued her most. (25) Therefore waxt he both pale and leane And drye as clod of clay: His fleshe it was consumed cleene His colowr gone a way, His beard it had not long be shaue, (30) His here hong all vnkempt: A man most fit euen for the graue Whom spitefull loue had spent.