Tottel sig. Oiiiiv

[sig. Oiiiiv]

(75) The Calfe with many a lusty LambeDo fede their hungerfull. But welaway that nature wroughtThee Philiday so faire, For I may say that I haue bought (80) Thy beauty all to deare. What reason is it that crueltie With beautie shoulde haue parte. Or els that such great tirany Should dwell in womans hart. (85) I see therefore to shappe my death She cruelly is prest, To thende that I may want my breath My dayes been at the best. O Cupide graunt this my request (90) And do not stoppe thine eares, That she may feele within her brest, The paynes of my dispayres. Of Corin that is carelesse, That she may craue her fee, (95) As I haue done in great distresse That loued her faithfully. But sins that I shall die her slaue Her slaue and eke her thrall, Write you my frendes, vpon my graue (100) This chaunce that is befall. Here lieth vnhappy Harpelus By cruel loue now slaine, Whom Philida vniustly thus Hath murdred with disdayne.

Vpon sir Iames wilfordes
death. +

L O here the end of man the cruell sisters three +The web of wilfordes life vneth had halfe esponne, +When rash vppon mildede they all accorded beeTo breake of vertues course ere halfe the race were ronne (5) And trip him on his way that els had wonne the game And holden highest place within the house of fame, But yet though he be gone, though sence with him be past,