Tottel sig. Oiiiir

[sig. Oiiiir]

His eyes were red and all forewatched +His face besprent with teares: (35) It semed vnhap had him long hatched, In mids of his despaires. His clothes were blacke and also bare As one forlorne was he, Upon his head alwaies he ware, (40) A wreath of willow tree. +His beastes he kept vpon the hyll, And he sate in the dale: And thus with sighes and sorowes shrill, He gan to tell his tale. (45) O Harpalus (thus would he say) Unhappiest vndersunne The cause of thine vnhappy day By loue was first begunne. For thou wentst first by sute to seeke (50) A Tigre to make tame: That settes not by thy loue a leekeBut makes thy griefe her game. As easy it were for to couuert The frost into the flame: (55) As for to turne a froward hart Whom thou so faine wouldest frame. Corin he liueth carelesseHe leapes among the leaues He eates the frutes of thy redresse(60) Thou reapes: he takes the sheaues. My beastes a whyle your foode refraine And harke your heardmans sounde, Whom spitefull loue alas hath slaine Through girt with many a wounde, (65) O happy be ye beastes wilde That here your pastures takes, I see that ye be not begilde Of these your faithfull makes. The hart he feedeth by the Hinde(70) The Buck harde by the Do The turtle Doue is not vnkinde To him that loues her so, The Ewe she hath by her the Ramme The yong Cow hath the Bull,