Tottel sig. Nir

[sig. Nir]

And therwithall this guift I shall thee giue, (90) In this world now litle prosperitie: And coyne to kepe: as water in a siue. +

The song of Iopas vnfinished. +

W Hen Dido feasted first the wandring Troian knight: +whom Iunos wrath with storms did force in Libik sands to light That mighty Atlas taught, the supper lasting long, +With crisped lockes on golden harpe, Iopas sang in song. +(5) That same (quod he) that we the world do call and name: Of heauen and earth with all contents, it is the very frame. Or thus, of heauenly powers by more power kept in one +Repugnant kindes, + in mids of whom the earth hath place alone: Firme, round, of liuing thinges, the mother, place and nourse: (10) Without the which in egal weight, this heuen doth hold his course And it is cald by name, the first and mouing heauen, +The firmament is placed next, conteining other seuen, +Of heauenly powers that same is planted full and thicke: As shining lightes which we call stars, that therin cleue & sticke. (15) With great swift sway, the first, and with his restlesse sours, Carieth it self, and all those eyght, in euen continuall cours. And of this world so round within that rolling case, Two points there be that neuer moue, but firmly kepe their place, The tone we see alway, the tother standes obiect(20) Against the same, deuiding iust the ground by line direct. Which by imaginacion, drawen from the one to thother Toucheth the centre of the earth, for way there is none other. And these be calde the Poles, descryde by starres not bright. Artike the one northward we see: Antartike thother hight, (25) The line, that we deuise from thone to thother so: As axel is, vpon the which the heauens about do go Which of water nor earth, of ayre nor fire + haue kinde, Therefore the substance of those same were hard for man to finde. But they bene vncorrupt, simple and pure vnmixt: (30) And so we say been all those starres, that in those same be fixt. And eke those erring seuen, in circle as they stray: So calde, because against that first they haue repugnant way: And smaller by wayes to, skant sensible to man: To busy worke for my poore harpe: let sing them he that can. (35) The wydest saue the first, of all these nine aboue One hundred yere doth aske of space, for one degree to moue.