Tottel sig. Niiv

[sig. Niiv]

(35) And many a sodayn cramp my hart hath pinched so: That for the time, my senses all felt neither weale, nor wo. Yet saw I neuer thing, that might my minde content: But wisht it hers, and at her will, if she could so consent. Nor neuer heard of wo: that did her will displease: (40) But wisht the same vnto my self, so it might do her ease. Nor neuer thought that fayre, nor neuer liked face: Unlesse it did resemble her, or some part of her grace. No distance yet of place could vs so farre deuide, But that my hart, and my good will did still with her abide. (45) Nor yet it neuer lay in any fortunes powre, To put that swete out of my thought, one minute of an howre. No rage of drenching sea, nor woodnesse of the winde, +Nor cannons with their thundring cracks could put her from my minde For when both sea and land asunder had vs set: (50) My hole delite was onely then, my self alone to get. +And thitherward to looke, as nere as I could gesse: Where as I thought, that she was then, that might my wo redresse. Full oft it did me good, that waies to take my winde: So pleasant ayre in no place els, me thought I could not finde. (55) I saying to my self, my life is yonder way: And by the winde I haue her sent, a thousand sighes a day. And sayd vnto the sunne, great giftes are geuen thee: For thou mayst see mine earthly blisse, where euer that she be. Thou seest in euery place, would God I had thy might: (60) And I the ruler of my self, then should she know no night. And thus from wish to wish, my wits haue been at strife: And wanting all that I haue wisht, thus haue I led my life. But long it can not last, that in such wo remaines. No force for that: for death is swete to him, that feles such paines. +(65) Yet most of all me greues: when I am in my graue, That she shall purchase by my death a cruel name to haue. Wherfore all you that heare this plaint, or shall it see: Wish, that it may so perce her hart, that she may pitie mee. For and it were her will: for both it were the best, (70) To saue my life, to kepe her name, and set my hart at rest.

Of the death of master Deuorox
the lord Ferres
sonne. +