Tottel sig. Niiiv

[sig. Niiiv]

And sure to the contented minde There is no riches may be found. For riches hates to be content: Rule is enmy to quietnesse. (15) Power is most part impacient: And seldom likes to liue in pease. I heard a herdman once compare: That quiet nightes he had mo slept: And had mo mery dayes to spare: (20) Then he, which ought the beastes, he kept. +I would not haue it thought hereby The Dolphin swimme I meane to teache: Nor yet to learne the Fawcon fly: I row not so farre past my reache. (25) But as my part aboue the rest, Is well to wish and well to will: So till my breath shall fail my brest, I will not ceasse to wish you still.

Comparison of life
and death. +

T He life is long, that lothsomly doth last: The dolefull dayes draw slowly to their date: The present panges, and painfull plages forepastYelde griefe aye grene to stablish this estate. (5) So that I feele, in this great storme, and strife, The death is swete that endeth such a life. Yet by the stroke of this strange ouerthrow, At which conflict in thraldom I was thrust: The Lord be praised: I am well taught to know (10) From whence man came, and eke whereto he must: And by the way vpon how feble forceHis terme doth stand, till death doth end his course. The pleasant yeres that seme, so swift that runne The mery dayes to end, so fast that flete: (15) The ioyfull nightes, of which day daweth so soone. The happy howers, which mo domisse then mete, Do all consume: as snow against the sunne: And death makes end of all, that life begunne.