Tottel sig. Liiv

[sig. Liiv]

That pleasure is mixed
with euery
paine. +

V Enemous thrones that are so sharp and kene, Beare flowers we se full fresh and faire of hue. +Poison is also put in medicine. And vnto man his helth doth oft renue. +(5) The fier that all thinges eke consumeth cleane May hurt and heale: then if that this be true. +I trust sometime my harme may be my health, Sins euery woe is ioyned with some wealth. +

A riddle of a gift geuen by
a Ladie: +

A Lady gaue me a gift she had not, And I receiued her gift which I toke not, She gaue it me willingly, and yet she would not, And I receiued it, albeit, I could not, (5) If she giue it me, I force not, And if she take it againe she cares not. Conster what this is and tel not, For I am fast sworne I may not.

That speaking or profering
bringes alway
speding. +

S Peake thou and spede where will or power ought helpth; +Where power doth want wil must be wonne by welth. For nede will spede, where will workes not his kinde, And gaine, thy foes thy frendes shall cause thee finde, (5) For sute and golde, what do not they obtaine, +Of good and bad the triers are these twaine.