Tottel sig. Liir

[sig. Liir]

Of al my losse to hane the gayn. +(5) By chance assinde thus do I se rue: And other haue, that I deserue. +Unto my self sometime alone I do lament my woful case. But what auaileth me to mone? (10) Since troth, and pitie hath no place In them: to whom I sue and serue: And other haue, that I deserue. To seke by meane to change this minde: Alas, I proue, it will not be. (15) For in my hart I cannot finde Once to refraine, but styl agre, As bound by force, alway to serue: And other haue that I deserue. Such is the fortune, that I haue (20) To loue them most, that loue me lest: And to my paine to seke, and craue The thing, that other haue possest. So thus in vain alway I serue. And other haue, that I deserue. (25) And tyll I may apease the heate: If that my happe wyll happe so well: To waile my wo my hart shal freate: Whose pensif pain my tong can tell. Yet thus vnhappy must I serue: (30) And other haue, that I deserue.

Of his loue called
Anna. +

W Hat word is that, that changeth not, Though it be turned & made in twaine +It is mine Anna god it wot. The only causer of my paine: (5) My loue that medeth with disdaine. Yet is it loued what will you more. It is my salue, and eke my sore. +