Tottel sig. Liiir

[sig. Liiir]

He ruleth not though he raigne ouer
realmes that is subiect to
his own lustes. +

I F thou wilt mighty be, flee from the rage Of cruel will, and see thou kepe thee free From the foule yoke of sensuall bondage, For though thyne empyre stretche to Indian sea, (5) And for thy feare trembleth the fardest Thylee, If thy desire haue ouer thee the power, Subiect then art thou and no gouernour. If to be noble and high thy minde be meued, Consider well thy ground and thy beginning: (10) For he that hath eche starre in heauen fixed, And geues the Moone her hornes and her eclipsing: Alike hath made the noble in his working, So that wretched no way may thou bee. Except foule lust and vice do conquer thee. (15) All were it so thou had a flood of gold, Unto thy thirst yet should it not suffice. And though with Indian stones a thousand folde, More precious then can thy selfe deuise, Ycharged were thy backe: thy couetise(20) And busy biting yet should neuer let, Thy wretched life, ne do thy death profet.

whether libertie by losse of life, or
life in prison and thraldom
be to be preferred. +

L Yke as the birde within the cage enclosed, The dore vnsparred, her foe the Hawke without, Twixt death and prison piteously oppressed. whether for to chose standeth in dout, (5) Lo, so do I, which seke to bring about, Which should be best by determinacion, By losse of life libertie, or life by prison. O mischiefe by mischiefe to be redressed. Where pain is best there lieth but litle pleasure.