Tottel sig. Liiiir

[sig. Liiiir]

wiate being in prison, to Brian. +

S Yghes are my foode: my drink are my teares. Clinking of fetters would such musick craue. Stink, and close ayre away my life it weares. Poore innocence is all the hope I haue. (5) Rain, winde, or wether iudge I by mine eares. Malice assaultes, + that righteousnesse should haue.Sure am I, Brian, this wound shall heale again: But yet alas, the skarre shall still remain. +

Of dissembling wordes. +

T Hroughout the world if it wer sought, Faire wordes inough a man shall finde: They be good chepe they cost right nought. +Their substance is but onely winde: +(5) But well to say and so to mene, That swete acord is seldom sene.

Of the meane and sure
estate. +

S Tond who so list vpon the slipper wheele, Of hye astate and let me here reioyce. And vse my life in quietnesse eche dele, Unknowen in court that hath the wanton toyes, (5) In hidden place my time shal slowly passe And when my yeres be past withouten noyceLet me dye olde after the common traceFor gripes of death doth he to hardly passeThat knowen is to all: but to him selfe alas, (10) He dyeth vnknowen, dased with dreadfull face.

The courtiers life +

I N court to serue decked with fresh aray, Of sugred meates feling the swete repast: The life in bankets, and sundry kindes of play,