Tottel sig. Kir

[sig. Kir]

Which feare and shame, so wofully doth tyre: If pale colour, which loue alas hath stained: If to haue another then my self more dere, (10) If wailing or sighing continually, With sorowfull anger feding busily If burning farre of, and if frysing nere, Are cause that I by loue my selfe destroy: Yours is the fault, and mine the great annoy.

A renouncing of loue. +

F Arewell, Loue, and all thy lawes for euer, Thy bayted hookes shall tangle me no more. Senec , and Plato call me from thy lore: To parfit wealth my wit for to endeuer.(5) In blinde errour when I did parseuer: Thy sharp repulse, that pricketh aye so sore: Taught me in trifles that I set no store: But scape forth thence: since libertie is leuer. Therefore, farewell: go trouble yonger hartes: (10) And in me claime no more auctoritie. With ydle youth go vse thy propartie: And theron spend thy many brittle dartes. For, hitherto though I haue lost my time: Me list no lenger rotten bowes to clime, +

The louer forsaketh his
vnkinde loue. +

M Y hart I gaue thee, not to do it pain: But to preserue, lo it to thee was taken. I serued thee not that I should be forsaken: But, that I should receiue reward again, (5) I was content thy seruant to remain: And not to be repayed on this fashion. Now, since in thee there is none other reason: Displease thee not, if that I do refrain. Unsaciat of my wo, and thy desire. (10) Assured by craft for to excuse thy fault. But, sins it pleaseth thee to fain default: